Worship at Gloria Dei

vernaThere’s a worship style here for you! We offer two different worship experiences on Sunday mornings, so there is something for everyone. Worship at Gloria Dei is the core of our congregational life. In worship we come together as the Body of Christ, in all our diversity, to proclaim the Gospel, share the sacraments, and celebrate our life together, to the praise and glory of God.

rob with kids8:30 Traditional Worship

If time-honored hymns, organ music, meaningful liturgies, and a message that is both Biblically based and relevant to today’s world make up the kind of worship service that you are seeking, our 8:30 a.m. service is for you.

10:30 Blended Worship
If you feel more at home with a mix of traditional and modern worship with a more casual feel, join us at our 10:30 celebration.
During this service, you will experience powerful modern-day Christian music that will speak to your soul, an interactive children’s message for our youngest Christians, and an adult message that will inspire, challenge, and rejuvenate your head and heart.

Listen to some of our music

Christian Education

sunday schoolThe Good News Club

Each Sunday, (Sept-May) our children from preschool through fifth-grade gather during our 10:30 service to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and God’s Word. The club offers many different learning experiences for all levels, including Bible stories, games and crafts, music, and interactive storytelling at our Bible story sand table.

Connect with Confirmation

CONNECT is a new way of involving both Youth and Families in our confirmation education. Every other week during the school year we gather to dig deeper into gifts of the small catechism (Baptism, Bible, Lord’s Prayer, Commandments, Creed, Lord’s Supper) through sharing, games, and field trips. Parents are also encouraged to share their faith and be a part of the learning and activities. CONNECT and Confirmation is a shared youth ministry with our sister church, Hope Lutheran. Come and get connected! You can connect here: Youth@gloriadeielca.org.

connectHigh School CONNECT

High School CONNECT is an opportunity for our High School Youth to get connected. This group is focused on our youth who have already been confirmed. Christian- centered lectures, gatherings, retreats, concerts, and other various outings are part of this group’s adventures. High School CONNECT is also a shared ministry with our sister church, Hope Lutheran. For more information, contact Youth@gloriadeielca.org.

Adult Bible Study

Join our Circle of Friends for a time of fellowship, sharing and learning.

​Our Bible study group​s​ gather every Wednesday at 1:30 PM​ and Sundays at 9:30 AM​ in our lounge to discuss different topics of scripture and worldly matters. Everyone is welcome at ​these casual gathering​s​ where all viewpoints are embraced and appreciated. Come and discover ​where our conversation may lead us.

What does Gloria Dei believe?

cross-with-rainbowAs a community comprised of people from many walks of life, we are intentionally inclusive in embracing all people in everything we do and strive to create a safe place where everyone is welcome to explore their faith journey.

Gloria Dei’s Mission: Together we grow in the Word, demonstrate Christ’s love to our neighbors, and welcome all people.

Gloria Dei’s Vision: There’s a place here for you!

Gloria Dei’s Values: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is an intergenerational church, sharing Christ’s love in greater Cincinnati neighborhoods and around the world. We walk together as we grow in the Word, explore our purpose and strengthen our faith. We seek to put Christ’s love into action as a community and as individuals. We celebrate diversity as a great gift from God and strive to create a place where all are welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background.

We are Lutheran Christians:

“Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered and sent for the sake of the world.
This is the mission statement of the ELCA. As members of the ELCA, we believe that
we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor”.

Lutherans believe in the Triune God. God created and loves all of creation — the earth and the seas and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s Spirit is active in the world.

We are part of God’s unfolding plan. When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere. When we study the Bible or hear God’s word in worship, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.