Worship Times

Dear Friends, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County, we will be suspending our in-person worship at this time. We encouraged you to continue to worship with us from home. We will record our worship service and share it each week at 3:00 PM on YouTube and Facebook

No one is too old, or too young, for baptism. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church welcomes people of all ages into Christ through baptism. Instituted by Jesus himself, baptism marks the entry into Christian faith and community. Baptisms take place during worship when the family of faith gathers.

What is Baptism?

Baptism celebrates new life! Baptism begins a new, living relationship with God. Baptism is God’s unshakeable commitment to be in relationship with us, always, no matter what. That’s grace!

What about baptisms in other churches?

Gloria Dei recognizes the baptism of any Christian church. God’s promises in baptism are trustworthy, no matter what denomination.

For more information about your child’s or your own baptism, please contact Pastor Rob.